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The image

2013-01-28 21:43:56 by MadnessCop46

Sorry about the light, hope u can see it.

The image

New profile pic?

2012-12-25 23:32:22 by MadnessCop46

Hey people, I don't know if I should, but I replaced my profile pic with a pic of Homer Simpson.
I might change or might leave if for now.


2012-12-14 23:06:31 by MadnessCop46

Hey guys, I have recently started a new project on a little movie called Madness Defunction, but am still thinking if I should publish it when done, but we will see.



2012-12-12 18:02:09 by MadnessCop46

Hey guys, I had talked recently with Matt from a PM and he responded yes there will be another canon episode of Madness, but will take a few months.

First image ever sent!

2012-12-09 22:56:13 by MadnessCop46

Hey guys, like I said in my "All about me" section of my page, I said I would create or find and sent for u guys to use it for saving, profile pic or whatever, but here u go.

First image ever sent!


2012-11-28 22:41:33 by MadnessCop46

Hey guys, I am now a few months old on newgrounds and i'm suprised in what newgrounds can do.
I have to say thanks to my 3 fans gamesluis, gasty10, and madnesscombat10 for being my top 3 fans.
Send me PM's because I want feedback from you guys, so thank for all your support!